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Reap a Mega-Harvest even if you
have no backyard!

“Who Else Wants To
Triple Your Garden Harvest
In A Fraction Of The Space?”

“You Can Enjoy Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
From Your Own Garden, Even If You Live In An Apartment!”

Dear Fellow Gardener,

Are you one of the many folks who long for fresh, crisp, homegrown garden produce like you used to harvest, but are stuck paying through the nose for tasteless produce from the grocery?

I’m sure you’ve noticed the shrinking backyard trend.

Decades ago, most everyone had enough space for a decent backyard garden.

Today, subdivisions crowd homes so close, you can almost hear your neighbor’s toilet flush.

Imagine harvesting bushels of tomatoes, cucumbers, limas, peas and beans (and much more) in one fraction of the space, even if your back yard is the size of a matchbox!

Finally, there’s a system that allows you to grow all the fresh vegetables and berries your family desires, with plenty to share with neighbors and even extra for winter storage! And you don’t have to own prime farmland to do it! In fact, you don’t even need to have a sprawling backyard.

The vertical gardening trend is a gardener’s dream come true!

Whether you want to raise a harvest in the city or country, “growing up” is the way to go!

Imagine the fun of picking bushels of veggies without tilling, weeding, or stooping!

Without dealing with cutworms and grubs and slugs!

While there’s nothing like farm life, in my opinion, plowing a huge garden year after year gets real old, real fast! Then you’re totally dependent on Mother Nature to shower your plants with plenty of water. Have a few dry weeks, and you could totally lose an entire crop.

No wonder garden lovers everywhere are trying vertical gardening.

You can reap a huge harvest from a tiny space.

And even city transplants can grow their own veggies, thanks to “growing up”!

I’m Janet Combs, and have been gardening since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

I remember winning bean picking contests at the age of three (though I think my grandma let me win) and planting, weeding and harvesting everything from tomatoes to corn to turnips to gourds throughout my life.

In my opinion, there’s no better place to be but outdoors, playing in the dirt!

After my grandfather passed away, we sold the farm. I must admit, where we moved to is limestone city. Add clay soil on top of that and you’ve got a mess to try to plow up.

After repeated attempts to grow vegetables, my expert gardener grandmother threw in the towel and declared no one could grow a garden on this property it was solid rock.

She was right. Partially.

While it wasn’t possible to plow the land for a garden, we eventually discovered vertical gardening techniques.

Thankfully, by growing up, we could glean a good harvest!

That’s when the addiction began. After viewing how much we could grow in a small area, I was on a mission to finding every way to harvest the largest amount of produce from the smallest space possible.

The results were intoxicating for this gal who just wanted to get her hands back in the soil!


Vertical Gardening can be highly addictive!

I am convinced that once you see how easy it is to grow vegetables and fruits with little green space, you’ll never stop!

Year after year, you’ll find new ways to garden vertically. I’m totally hooked.

And I’d like to share the fun of vertical gardening with you, too!

It’s why I put together this package called Vertical Gardening Secrets.

vertical gardening
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In two audio interviews and companion ebook, I share;

* Quick and easy ways to set up your vertical garden

* Unusual supports that you may have in your own backyard! (Hey, why spend money on expensive trellises when you don’t have to?)

* The most hysterical vertical garden I ever saw with huge squash hanging in the most unusual places! (You’ll never believe you can garden like this!)

* The cheapest ways to garden up: no need to spend mega-bucks from garden catalogs when you can put these supports together for a few bucks!

* The absolute best vegetables and flowers grow up (and what never to plant in a vertical garden!)

* How a city balcony can produce a harvest into the winter

* Secrets to getting more than one harvest from the same square inch!

* Vertical gardening with containers; no digging, no weeding, no sweat!

* The best soils for different kinds of plants (Mess up the soil mixture, and your harvest goes out the window!)

* How to plant potatoes in a bin (that shovel may not get used this season!)

* Secrets to growing fruits and berries in small spaces


Finally! You Really Can Triple Your Garden Harvest In A Fraction Of The Space!

I know you’ll love the fun and

Order by midnight tonight and you’ll also get

* Bonus #1 The Complete Mini-Guide to Patio Gardening - eBook ($9.95 value)

* Bonus #2 The Perfect Window Box Garden - eBook
($9.95 value)

* Bonus #3 Secrets to Stunning Hanging Baskets - eBook
($9.95 value)


And I’d like to offer the entire package to you for a mere $14.97.

Not only that, I want you to be thrilled with your Vertical Gardening Secrets

If you’re unhappy with the purchase in any way, I will completely refund your
money, no questions asked - and you can keep the bonus reports absolutely free.

vertical gardening

How’s that sound for a risk-free deal?

If you love to grow your own produce, you owe it to yourself to discover the easiest ways to get mega-harvests from your green space- no matter how small!

Find out why homesteaders and city dwellers alike give vertical gardening two (green) thumbs up!

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no shipping or handling costs!)

vertical gardening

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I wish you the best of success with your mega-harvest!


Lisa Rodgers

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever. If you’re not thrilled with your Vertical Gardening Secrets Package, every penny will be refunded no questions asked!

P.P.S. Finally, you can reap a mega-harvest even if you have no backyard!
Imagine all the homegrown taste - without all the work!

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